As a partner project with the Peterborough Museum and Archives, groups of two were assigned a section of the collection. Our task was to take notes on which object locations, general condition remarks and a basic description. Inventory activities in collections are an important part of housekeeping, as they ensure artifacts haven't been displaced, you can check their condition, as well as noticing if preventive conservation tasks are required.

Examining a chocolate tin.

Collections Research: Child's Costume

This was a partnership project with the Peterborough Museum and Archives (PMA) to help document and research some of their backlogged artifacts. I selected this child's costume, which was inspired by WWI nursing uniforms. The first portion of the project was to look at the accession file and fill out a cataloguing worksheet. This worksheet was completed according to PMA guidelines. After some brief research into WWI nursing uniforms and the Red Cross, I was able to complete the worksheet. Next, I examined the artifact for a good place to sew on accession labels. After taking pictures of the dress on a dress form, the final part of the project was to input this data into the PMA's digital collections software.

CollectiveAccess Partner Project

Yarmouth County Museum and Archives and NovaMuse

Partnering with NovaMuse and the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives was an amazing project to work on a database with real-world applications. I was assigned ten objects to review and update their object entries, as well as do some additional research to enrich the information of a chosen object. This was a great applied learning experience to gain experience using the CollectiveAccess software as well as learning about the industry implications and impacts of this ongoing project.